I've always admired the Star Trek III props more than any others, but in many ways, the ones that were used in the film were kind of simplistic.

The communicator that I'd like to make my first ever prop build is a combination of the Star Trek III communicator, the communicator illustrated in the book, Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, elements borrowed from fan-created Star Trek III communicators, and some of my own touches.

These are renders of the prop I'd like to build:

I've already machined brass lids for this communicator.

These lids, as well as the Star Trek V-VI versions, and beefier Star trek III versions, are available on the The RPF at TheRPF.com

My build thread for this communicator is also located on The RPF: Star Trek III Idealized Communicator

Thanks for looking!

You can contact me, FLM Concepts, on the RPF.